We regret to advise that the innovAGE 2016 event in Melbourne is being postponed to 2017. 

Unfortunately, due to a large number of pop-up hackathon events in Melbourne that week/weekend, we are unable to draw on the depth of technical expertise we need to deliver a highly successful event.

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The objective of the innovAGE hackathon is to encourage and promote entrepreneurial thinking to improve the lives of older Australians and their families.

This intergenerational innovation event will bring together community members, developers, designers and entrepreneurs to develop age related solutions.

Teams will be competing for some great prizes and participants will retain any IP generated during the event.

Over the course of the event, each team will work together to design and build a working prototype of their proposal. This can be a worked concept or anything that integrates technology (i.e. mobile application, website or software linked to wearable hardware).

Consumers and service providers will be available to help teams further understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the Aged Care industry.

Why is Aged Care so Important?

The Australian population is ageing and whilst this is an achievement this also presents new challenges.

The demographics of the people accessing aged care are starting to change, and with this the desired services and products are also starting to shift. This presents a considerable opportunity for innovation, as it has the potential to address a number of barriers and assist people to access services and products that can support them to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, as well as provide greater choice in how they achieve this.

We see ageing as an opportunity, rather than an issue.



innovAGE is open to everyone and anyone!

We are looking to attract innovators & disruptors who are interested in developing the next big thing in Aged Care. This includes developers, designers, marketers entrepreneurial thinkers & anyone else that is passionate about improving outcomes for older Australians.


This is the developer with the technical ability to execute ideas.


This is the creative with design skills and a close eye on emerging trends.


This is the entrepreneur with the ability to pitch the product and make it marketable.


This is the individual that is willing to work with a team to share their experiences and is passionate about co-designing solution.


Being part of innovAGE means stepping outside the box – a bit of bravery and being open to experimenting. If that sounds like your organisation, we’ve love to hear from you. Contact LASA Events at or on 02 6230 1676